My top tips for dealing with a Dark Room

My top tips on dealing with a dark Room.

Dealing with a dark room can be tricky! So if you have a dark space or Room in your home, read on for my advice on how to approach it, and even embrace it!

If you are north facing, or have very little natural day light at all, then the space will probably appear dark, dull and well a bit drab. I think for most people when facing this problem, their natural instinct is to try and lighten the space, by throwing up lots of white paint? For me however, this doesn’t actually solve the problem.

A dark room will always naturally be a dark room. I think, the trick is to embrace it! Turn what is perhaps perceived as a negative, into a positive. Look at is as a gift and and gift wrap it in the best way possible………… see my following top tips on how to deal with a dark room!

1. Don’t fight it!

If you fight against the dark room and paint the walls in a white, the chances are, that they will just end up looking a little grey and dull. So my advice would be to go with it, embrace it – actually run with it! Be brave, be bold and paint the room in a dark colour! Dark rooms are surprising and confident rooms, and yet can be restful, cosy, dramatic and comforting.

2. Embrace the drama

Add richness and dramatic elements into dark rooms. I think when adding drama its all about contrasts. So if using a dark matt paint on the walls, perhaps add some gloss paint (in the same colour) to your wood work? Or think about metallics and finishes that will sparkle when any light does hit it. Think about your fabric choices, contrasting perhaps natural timber with luxurious velvets. And don’t be afraid to add contrasting bold colours into the scheme.

3. Think Jewels.

When pick your colour scheme for dark rooms, and you are finding that you really can’t go dark, dark, as in charcoals, and navy blues, then perhaps consider going for bold jewel like tones. Zoffany Paints ( some stunning colours, just perfect for this – such as their Poison or Raspberry Sorbet. Again consider mixing in some coloured gloss paint, which will catch and play with any light source, helping to add that previously spoken about drama and contrast.

4. Turn on the lights.

Chances are if its a dark room, you are going to need lots of lighting. Now lighting is important in any design scheme, but obviously its is particularly important when dealing with dark spaces.

Following on from what I have spoken about before, this is a really chance to add the drama, texture and opulence to the room. Think, overscaled Chandelier! It will add such atmosphere and presence to the space and bounce light beautifully around the room. Make sure it is on a dimmer, so that you can control the ambience. Whilst we let the chandelier do the talking, it is important to layer the lighting, and we can do this by adding table lamps in different locations, adding much more subtle lighting into the scheme. This gives us beautiful pockets of light, highlighting area’s of interest and drawing our eye around the room.

5. Add Artwork to walls.

If you have a dark wall colour, then the right piece of artwork can really pop! Make sure it is contrasting. This contrast helps to create a tension between the wall and the artwork which in turn creates the illusion of space. Difficult to articulate this one properly but hopefully the attached image will doing the talking for me!

I hope the above tips on how to deal with a dark room are of interest to you! Also check out these other Instagram accounts, that are always a source of inspiration to me.








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