My Gift Wrapping tips and idea’s.

So with countdown to Christmas on, and the shopping for gifts underway, I thought I would share with you some of my gift wrapping tips and idea’s.

Gift Wrapping is the enclosing of a gift, so that it surprises the recipient, but also shows that you have taken the time to not only select a gift, but thought about the best way to present it. Getting it right can help elevate the most humble of gifts into something thoughtful and special.

Not only do I love buying gifts for people, it may be said that I love gift wrapping those gifts even more. (Just think of Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually – and that may be me!) Every year I hear stories of people up past midnight, wrapping presents in a slapdash manner. This would be my idea of a Christmas nightmare. The wrapping of the gifts, is one of my favourite Christmas traditions. I have a day in the calendar, after the tree and decorations have gone up, hopefully sending husband and child out. I have a Christmas movie ready to put on,  maybe a Sherry poured, and everything I need ready and organised. Bliss!


Gift Wrapping Tips & Ideas No.1

For me, gone are the days of spending a fortune on beautiful foil gift wraps. These days, I will always be looking to use predominantly recycled kraft paper, or very often (especially for Large gifts) I will use up left over pieces of Wallpaper! Also, if I receive beautiful gift wrap, I will always open carefully and try my best to keep as much as possible in the hope of being able to re-use it.

As you can see in this image the queen of gift wrap Jane Means, even manages to make a crumpled piece of brown paper look beautiful with some cleverly added  trimmings.

Jane Means shows how recycling and re-using paper can still be beautiful.


Gift Wrapping tips & idea’s No. 2.

Keeping things simple can often give a greater impact. Select a minimal colour scheme and stick with it. As can be seen by these beautifully wrapped boxes, by Jane Means.

This simple, silver and white colour palette still looks very striking.


Gift Wrapping Tips & Idea’s No. 3

This is for me one of the key points. Get organised! Plan what your theme/colour is going to be. Make a mood-board to keep you on track and focused.  Source your wrapping papers, ribbons & trimmings. Start collecting cardboard boxes – this makes wrapping so much easier, and gifts look so much nicer in a box. (Its also a great way to recycle boxes). Remember to make sure you have a supply of double sided table (my secret weapon!), and sharp scissors. Its preferable, if possible to wrap your gifts on a large, clear, hard surface – such as your dining table. Have everything together and ready to go, and at arms length for when you need it. The below image is my mood board for this years Christmas gift wrapping.

By making yourself a moodboard, it enables you to get organised and stay on track with your chosen theme.


Gift Wrapping Tips & Idea’s No. 4.

A really simple but very effective trick, is to pleat your paper before wrapping. It gives a gift wrapped present texture and a real wow! Here is a link to great little you tube video on how to do this – its much simpler than you think! Japanese Pleats Style Gift Wrapping

Although plain brown Kraft paper, the pleating helps to add interest to your gift.


Gift Wrapping Tips & Idea’s No.  5.

Really think about the trimmings you want to use. These are the equivalent of your accessories, and will set the tone of your gifts. Satin and velvet ribbons give your gifts an opulent and luxurious feel, whilst, twine, string and hessian, will give a more paired back Scandi feel.

Also think about the placement of these items. An off centred bow, gives a more modern and sophisticated look.

Sometimes a bow isn’t always required. Merely wrapping twine or ribbon around the gift, and then tucking a sprig of greenery under the twine, can give a lovely, simple yet effective look.

Combine different papers.

Gift Wrapping Tips & Idea’s No.6

If you have a couple of different papers, it can be nice to incorporate them both into the wrapping. We can do this by taking a piece and wrapping it around the present to make a contrasting band – as can be seen in the image below. Its often a great way to use up any offcuts.

By combining 2 papers in your wrapping, it allows you to create a focal point on your gift.

Have Fun!

Gift Wrapping Tips & Idea’s No. 7.

Sometimes a lighthearted approach is called for, and you want to make your Christmas gifts fun. This is such an easy way to turn your gifts – whatever shape they are, into ‘Rudolph’s’. All you need is some plain paper, for wrapping, some brown paper (or white paper painted brown) for the antlers, some red pompoms for the nose, and left over ribbons to make little bows. Then a black pen to draw on the eyes!

Who say’s it needs to always be grown up? Having some fun with your wrapping never fails to put a smile on the recipients face.

I hope you have found the above tips & idea’s on how to wrap your christmas gifts year useful. Keep an eye on my social media for a little video tutorial on how to wrap a gift!

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