Common Interior Design Mistakes………… The Hanging and placing of Artwork

Common Interior Design Mistakes.

This months Common Interior Design Mistakes is the hanging and placing of artwork. The most common mistake is the placing of artwork way too high on the wall!

To be fair, hanging artwork is a tricky thing to get right. The general rule of thumb is to make sure it is at eye level. However, there is always room to have a little more fun with it too!

Style your shelves with Art.

Remember you can use art as pieces to style shelves with. Placing a painting on the shelf or on the wall just above, acts as a great backdrop. Then, place objects around and in front of to complete the vignette.

Place just above furniture.

When hanging art on the wall, a general and pretty fail safe rule is to hang 20cm above the piece of furniture below it. This then gives the impression of the 2 items being connected. Remember too, that a piece of art doesn’t always have to centred. Sometimes placing it off centre, can have far more impact. Just don’t make the common mistake of placing it too high.

Don’t be afraid to take it low.

Don’t be afraid to place art at a lower level on the wall – essentially eye level when you are sitting! The thing to remember here is to make sure it works in terms of scale, and in relation to the items around it.

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