Common Interior Design Mistakes………… How and where to hang curtains.

Common Interior Design Mistakes

I thought I would share with you a few common interior design mistakes people make in their homes, and how to avoid them.
This month I’m looking at how and where to hang your curtains. Very often people make the mistake of placing them just above the window soffit. However placing your curtains too low will make your walls look shorter. Whereas, if you take them high to either just under the cornicing or even using ceiling fixed track, it elevates the ceiling. This making the room seem taller. It also looks far more sophisticated and expensive. I would also, always choose to have floor length curtains for the same reasons as above. If there is a radiator underneath the window that you don’t want to block off, then consider having ‘dress’ drapes and a working blind on the window.

Hang your drapes high.

This image shows curtains hung from just under the cornice detail. This helps to add drama to the rooms already high ceilings. It also shows the curtains sitting mostly over the walls either side of the beautiful arched windows. This allows the windows to remain the focal point of the room.

Use full length dress curtains and a blind.

This image illustrates a pair of ‘dress’ curtains, with a coordinating Roman Blind. The curtains still have enough fabric within them to give the illusion of them closing, however it is the  Roman Blind that will actually close. This allows the radiator beneath the window to still do its job.

Take it one step further.

In this image, the curtains are again hung floor to ceiling. However it illustrates how you can take the installation one step further. Here you can see the cornicing detail has been stepped forward from the wall, to allow form a channel, whereby the curtain track is fitted to the ceiling behind the cornice. This means the workings of the track are completely hidden. This then allows the curtains to look like they descend from the ceiling seemlessly.

Dos and Don’ts

Finally, I’m leaving you with a simple list of DO’s and DON’Ts.

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