8 Simple ways to successfully introduce colour to your home.

How are you with Colour? Do you tend to stay clear, afraid of making a mistake? Well let me give you some simple ways to successfully introduce colour into your home.

Many people gravitate towards a neutral colour palette for their homes. Its a safe, timeless and classic way to go. To be fair, my own home has a neutral backdrop too. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with experimenting and injecting colour into your home. Whatever your comfort level is with colour, there is always a way of incorporating it into your space.

Take a look at the following 8 simple ways of successfully introducing colour to your home.

1. Plants

Plants are green (mostly), and green is a colour! For the very timid amongst us, mother nature is a fail safe and simple way of introducing colour to your home. Also, because you can move them about, you can play, with placing them in different positions in the room and seeing where benefits from that subtle injection of colour.

2. Rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way of introducing colour to your home. In fact a patterned rug presents you with a ready made colour palette, allowing you to pull out your favourite hues for additional touches of colour throughout.

3. Artwork & Photography

This is a great and simple way of adding either a pop of colour or as with a rug, perhaps a whole colour palette ready for you to pull your favourite tones from. This could be in the form of a bright poster? Or some striking photography? Or a painting. It also allows you to add some of your own personality to the room!

4. Cushions and throws

Possibly one of the easiest ways to add bursts of colour to your home. Don’t be afraid to have fun with different patterns and textures to avoid it looking a bit flat.

5. Lamps

A new lamp or lampshade is another very simple way of adding a pop of colour. For a more noticeable ‘pop’ add a pair of lamps, flanking a piece of furniture.

6. Paint a wall

Painting a wall an accent colour, can be a bold way of adding a large pop of colour to a room. It works really well if you have a niche or recess, as this frames it out. I would always look to see how you then balance this block of colour – perhaps by adding some strong pops of colour to the sofa or in some artwork on other walls.

7. Upholstery

A really successful way of introducing colour to your home, is in a piece of upholstery. Such as chairs or a headboard. I would always encourage you to be brave and have fun with this, as it can elevate a fairly mundane piece of furniture into a real striking focal point. If you are feeling really brave, you could always pull out a pop of colour onto the woodwork too!

8. Paint a piece of Furniture

If like me, you enjoy a bit of up-cycling, then taking a piece of old furniture, and showing it a bit of love, is a really satisfying project. Its also a great way of having fun with colour and injecting a real wow into your room. This image shows an old 1920’s sideboard that I inherited. It was really just a big brown block, but after stripping back and painting with Valspar’s Tribal Headdress paint, it is now the focal point of my Hallway.

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